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Concrete Polishing is the fastest growing decorative technique for floors. It involves grinding/polishing a concrete slab in multiple steps to produce a smooth, hardened, and durable concrete surface. The steps are much like sanding steps for wood, rough at first then getting finer and finer until the level of desired shine is achieved. During the process chemicals that harden the concrete and fill pores are added. In the end a water resistant protective coat is applied.

Concrete polishing will not scratch like acrylic, epoxy, or urethanes because there is no layer of coating to scratch. It is just a smooth, hardened, water resistant concrete surface. But do not think it is slick. In fact, it is surprisingly slip resistant.

The depth of grind and degree of shine can be varied. From a salt and pepper to an exposing of the rock depth and from a matte to a gloss degree of shine.

Any normally hard and reasonably flat concrete surface can be polished.
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