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Acid stains are used to produce some of the most unique and classic looks in the world of decorative concrete. They create soft, earth tone color shades on concrete surfaces similar to tile, marble and stone with uneven, mottled, variegated and/or translucent color effects. The subsequent results are similar to the natural shadings of stone or the aged appearance of a time worn patina. Also, by scoring and grouting at abrupt color changes striking inlayed block effects are created.

The stains are mixtures of water, acid, and inorganic salts that chemically react with the constituents in the concrete, producing color within the concrete, not just on top. Properly done, they will not blister, crack, or peel.

Variations and inconsistent color are to be expected. The stains do not hide, but use surface inperfections to help produce unique effects. The unique nature of the results are one of the reasons many people choose an acid stained surface.

Acid stain may be used on horizontal or vertical surfaces, old or new concrete and overlay products, just about any unsealed cement containing surface. Because very little maintenance is needed, stains are much more cost effective floor treatment than tile, wood, or carpet.

So, whether its a natural stone patina or an intricate work of art, acid stains can deliver!

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