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Sometimes you just cannot get the colors you really want from an acid stain.  This is because they are limited by the number of minerals that can be used to produce color in concrete.   When you want bright reds, yellows, or deep blues and greens then a concrete dye is definitely an option.

Concrete dyes are a relatively new option for coloring concrete surfaces.  They are translucent, very fine penetrating color particles in solution. Unlike acid-based stains, they do not react chemically with concrete. Instead, they penetrate into a properly prepared concrete surface. 

Because they are translucent, they do not hide the concrete.  You still get the variations and inconsistent color of acid stains which produces a natural mottled appearance.  They can also be used in conjunction with a stain to enhance the stains color. 

Dyes can be mixed to achieve almost any color thus the color range available is almost limitless.

We will come to your site and discuss your ideas and propose a solution to get the look you desire.  There is no charge for this service.

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