Beautiful Concrete Surfaces at an Affordable Price!

To produce the hardest, toughest floors available we use 2 part high performance coatings and clear sealers. These are much tougher than a single part material because they actually chemically link together instead of just drying. Epoxies give exceptional adhesion to concrete floors and can be applied very thick (5-25 mils and more). They are great for high traffic commercial areas such as restaurants. Urethanes are usually applied in a thinner coat on top of an epoxy. They are very good against foot traffic and maintain a long lasting shine.

Do we ever use single part products? Yes. In certain circumstances such as questionable moisture vapor levels in the concrete, areas the customer wants to apply a floor finish, and in lower traffic areas, a single coat product may be more appropriate.

When we come out we will ask questions about the "look" you want, and what your going to be doing in the space
From your answers and our evaluation of the surface, we can suggest the best sealer option for you.

Be sure to check out our standard epoxy and urethane colors. If needed, we can get custom matched color coatings too.

Give us a call. We will visit and discuss your project at no cost or obligation

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