Beautiful Concrete Surfaces at an Affordable Price!

Have an old concrete garage floor that needs a makeover? Do what you wish to the walls but what will really make it special is a great floor. We come in and properly prep the surface insuring you will not have that peeling you see in so many applications.

Also, we will take 2-3 days to do your project. We use thick layers not the thin layer products the "one day floor" guys use.

Next, we apply a thick commercial grade 2-part epoxy coat that will give many years of service without wearing through. Then, if you choose, we broadcast the color flake combination into the wet epoxy. Light , medium, or heavy, however you want. Once dry, we roll on a tough, clear 2-part topcoat.

You'll have a beautiful, easy to clean surface that will be the centerpiece of your new garage.

Call us today, we'll come out, look things over, and with your help, plan your new garage floor. All at no charge.

Be sure to check out our standard epoxy and urethane colors.

We have a wide variety of of standard flake blends and can make you a custom mix in thousands of possible combinations.

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